Arte Pad is dedicated to inspiring and prospering artists and musicians locally in San Diego and around the world. Our movement draws people together to use teamwork to create a successful career using their unique self-expression.

Arte Pad Vision

Arte Pad • Drawn Together. We provide personal coaching, online training courses, and fun, local events like Arte Pad Festival for artists and musicians to build a successful career using their unique self-expression.

⭐️Arte Pad Festival and our artists have been featured on 91X with Tim Pyles, The San Diego Union Tribune, Pacific San Diego Magazine, KPBS Arts, and various fashion bloggers including Glitz and Glam by Tiff. One of our fashion show directors, Ali Ricke, went on to create her own festival fashion show brand and has been featured in the Los Angeles Times.

⭐️We are currently developing Arte Pad San Diego, a creative arts megaplex open 24 hours a day, providing innovation and ingenuity for every style of art known to man! It includes a creative and performing arts center, healing arts center, a DJ and recording studio, a fashion design house, boutique shop, and a 24 hour organic vegan café.

⭐️ Arte Pad works with innovation, tourism, health, wellness, beauty, education, entertainment, media, and fashion design industries throughout the world.

Meet The Founder

Jeanné Gigi Vancio

Lead Innovator | Master Of Creativity | Founder & Director Of Arte Pad

As a teenager, Gigi came to the realization that she was a creative artist that would use her artistic skills to inspire others. Her desire was to paint and draw but did not enjoy painting by herself. Her journey took her into studying various fine arts and crafts at the University of California Santa Barbara and University of California San Diego. After graduating, she went on to get a graphic design degree and moved into a graphic design career, which lead to discovering the Bauhaus movement. This movement was founded on the idea of creating a total work of art in which all the arts, including architecture, are brought together under one roof. This approach to design combines beauty with usefulness and unified the principles of collaboration with individual artistic vision. Inspired by this, Gigi got the idea for the 24 Hour Arte Pad.

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