Arte Pad is dedicated to healing and prospering artists and musicians in San Diego. Our intention is that people create together in teams with others of the same passion, such that they are no longer alone but connected and self-expressed in a loving, supportive community.

Arte Pad Vision

Our vision is to move Arte Pad Festival to a permanent home open 24 hours a day in the abandoned public building on 820 E St, which was once the home to the San Diego Central Public Library. This 145,000 Sq/ft building is an amazing artist playground–one we get to fill with unique creative rooms of all different kinds of art. Painting, welding, woodworking, fashion design, technology, healing arts, healing nutrition in an organic, garden waterfall restaurant open 24/7, and an artist colony with low income housing for us all to live, play, dance, and connect together in 24 hours a day!

ALL the funds from Arte Pad Festival go to opening the doors of our dream home, which is a 501c3 non-profit. Spread the love and come play with us at Arte Pad Festival Sept 21-23 in the mystic San Diego Mountains!
Much love and San Diego sunshine,


The Arte Pad Team

Meet The Founder

Jeanne ‘Gigi’ Vancio

Founder & Creative Director

Gigi has been mentoring and guiding artists to bridge the business gap since 2013 when moving back to San Diego from Kona, Hawaii. On the brink of packing up again and moving to the LA art district in the pursuit of fertile, creative soil, Gigi decided to stay in her hometown and awaken the art and music scene. Inspired by Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine at a celebratory wedding, she designed a team to birth the vision of Arte Pad with Arte Pad Festival. The 30 hr, 700+ person festival celebrated the rebirth of a creative miracle in San Diego.

  • Loving
  • Confident
  • Innovative
  • Leader

Our Team Of Artisans

Christian Heldman

Kat Heldman
Organizational Director

Christian Clemensha
Music Director

Kenan Kaya
Comedy Director

Jonny Gutierrez
Marketing Director

Robin Piper
Creative Arts Director

Kima Mokhbery
Videography Director

Kinga Gecsey
Conscious Kid’s Camp Director


(858) 360-0413

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