Arte Pad Festival

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Arte Pad Festival II returns to the San Diego mountains
to melt your heart with the theme of SUMMER LOVE!

Arte Pad Festival is an all inclusive, all ages event, including car glamping
(glamorous camping) on the property for tents and RV’s!

The time has come to INNOVATE YOUR FATE in a collaborative, loving, and
strong community of artists who are REINVENTING what it means to be an
artist. EVERYONE IS AN ARTIST. From the doctor who innovates new
procedures in the operating room to the city council member who creates new
laws for us all to live in harmony with each other in the city lines to the
entrepreneur who is designing a new business to take fashion to the next level.

Come explore your next level, innovative self in our expansive, love camps.
We find that when you open your heart to love and affinity,
what happens is you become very creative!

Bring your camping/glamping gear>>>
we are shacking up for three days of love and innovation
in the mist and majesty in the San Diego Mountains of Potrero.

Oh and bring your kiddos… children under 18 are free and there is a conscious children’s camp!


Featuring SD and LA’s finest bands singing Love Songs, Reggae, Rock, Blues,
Jazz, Hip Hop, DJ’s spinning EDM, top hits, and dance. Lots of Arte Pad Festival
musicians and DJ’s are returning from year one. (Official list drops in June.
We live for the drop;)

+ Creative Art Workshops
+ Business of Art Workshops
+ Painting, Crafts, Art Supplies
+ Short Films/Technology
+ Love Experience Camps
+ Games

Healing Fitness // Yoga, Aerial & Acro, Pole Dancing, Reiki, Ecstatic Dance,
Partner Dance, Love Workshops, Massage, Mud Baths, Foot baths)

All creative and healing arts are included in the festival at no extra charge.
Donations to healers encouraged 🙂

Healing Nutrition // Kava, Cacao, Coconuts, Juice, Smoothies, Salads, Elixirs,
Raw Food, Organic Drinks


Hearts, love, wings, festival fashion, models, designers, and all the glitz and glam
on Friday night of Arte Pad Festival! All designers will be vending at the
event as well as other local artisans. Aerial performances during the fashion show
will be sure to overstimulate your inspirational senses!


Saturday night parade of lights and love!


+ Children’s stage with musical performances and open mic
+ Children’s yoga and meditation
+ Children’s crafts and games
+ Children’s talks on self-esteem, self-empowerment, and self-love


Featuring San Diego’s finest to make you feel ridiculously amazing!



Early Adopters// ONLY $89 until May 31!

General Admission// $119 until June 30

July Admission// $149 until July 25th

Door// $179

Get your tickets NOW before they go up!

Festival begins 3PM on Friday July 27th and ends 3PM on Sunday July 29th

 All proceeds from Arte Pad Festival benefit
opening the 24 Hr Arte Pad in San Diego in 2020!
Our projected location is the old San Diego Public Library
on 820 E St. Downtown, which is 150,000 sq/ft!


The 24 Hr Arte Pad is the home to tools, resources and supplies
for a colorful selection of arts, crafts, music, fashion, and healing arts!
It’s our own party pad open 24 hours a day in San Diego. Finally…
a way for artists to consciously create and collaborate together….

Arte Pad Festival is your keyhole peek into the 24 Hr. Arte Pad….



Get here to get tickets NOW before they go up!

See you soon for a sizzling feast of love!