Frequently Asked Questions

What, When, And Where Is Arte Pad Festival?

What: Arte Pad Festival emphasizes creative collaboration, teamwork, success and the theme of
this year SUMMER LOVE. We are uniting the scattered artists of San Diego and
surrounding areas together in one place for an inspirational and breathtaking three day event.

When: Festival begins at 3 PM on Friday September 21 2018 and completes Sunday September 23rd at 3 PM. Setup
for vendors begins Thursday September 20th 12PM-6PM and Friday September 21st 8AM-2PM. It’s first come first serve for location setup. It is recommended for vendors to setup on Thursday to avoid the flood of campers and festival goers coming in on Friday! Teardown is 3PM-8PM on Sunday September 23rd.

Where:  25675 Potrero Park Drive Potrero, CA 91963 on a gorgeous 80 acre private property tucked in the San Diego mountains, just 45 minutes Southeast of downtown San Diego.

What makes Arte Pad Festival different than other festivals?

Anyone can create a festival but at Arte Pad, it’s about doing–it’s about being. We have a new culture in San Diego founded in the presence of creative collaboration, love, passion, and vision! What that looks like is artists collaborating together in teams to create and generate the fulfillment of a variety of interactive love camps. Artists are no longer separated and stressed from attempting to do everything on their own. They have the power and leverage of a team to innovate their fate in the present as a future fulfilled!

What can I bring?

Please bring: Your sparkling personality, dancing shoes, festival attire, costume (if you would like to be in the parade!) boots, jacket for night time, your imagination, big heart, kids, camping gear, tent, RV, empty canteens for water, spare water, backpack, hip pouch, ID (you will be carded at the door and drink garden), cash or card (we take ‘em both!), lights, glow in the dark things, lamps, el-wire, headlamps, sunblock, and unicorns.

Please DO NOT BRING: Livestock, birds, dogs, cats, mice, dragons, bottles of liquor, guns, flamethrowers, drugs, or fireworks.

What do I need?

You will need your ID and ticket upon entry. The only ones that will not require ID are children. Teenagers require an ID. Children under 18 are free. You will also need cash or card. There will be food and drink vendors on location. Musicians may also be selling music and merchandise, and of course you may want to purchase from our art vendors! Support local artists dreams! Festival funds go to opening our non-profit building, and supports all the arts in San Diego. Thank you in advance from us all. We love you!

Is there camping and can I bring my RV?

Camping is strongly encouraged and we have more than enough room for everyone! Tents and RVs allowed. Please show up early to the event (set up begins as early as 8 AM Friday September 21st). The festival starts at 3 PM! If you are bringing an RV, a car camping pass gives you a joyful, up close connection with the heart of the festival grounds. Car camping passes are only $49

Can I bring my (insert instrument here)? I heard there was open mic?

YASSSSS! We are all about you shining brightly and sharing your passions with everyone there.
We have a stage set up specifically for you and anyone feeling inspired to play, sing, or talk a
tune. Poetry also welcome. Our mic does not discriminate against any form of self-expression.

What is this Arte Pad Non Profit all about?

We’re glad you asked! Arte Pad Festival and pop up parties raise awareness, structure, and teamwork to build the 24 Hour Arte Pad in San Diego. The vision of Arte Pad is a 24 Hour Fitness for artists. It’s a creative space for artists, musicians, and performers to unite and create in passion teams, with all supplies, tools and resources provided. Every art style, tool, and resource you can imagine is in Arte Pad. There is fine art, photography, welding, woodworking, fashion design, jewelry making, pottery, music, DJ studio, and performance art. There are healing arts and healing nutrition in the Juice Pad, which includes raw, organic food, juice, smoothies, super foods, acupuncture, reiki, massage, chiropractic, yoga, dance, and other healing modalities of movement medicine. We inspire San Diegans to co-collaborate in teams using their passions and imaginations and give them a beautiful haven to do so. Projected opening is Fall 2020.

In the meantime, the festival is our annual event, and the pop up parties our monthly way to collaborate and spread the vision. Stay tuned in for more through the year.

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